Dry, Cool, Warm and Transport your Dog


Dry, Cool, Warm and Transport your Dog

Who are we?

SNUDDLY is the world's first pet carrier, that makes your pet feel safe and comfortable.

Dogs love open car windows, wind and fresh air. But on the other side, they hate to be in a closed box where they feel cramped. SNUDDLY is the world’s first pet carrier, which is more open and offers a constant flow of fresh air!



SNUDDLY is user-friendly. Because of its unique appearance, it fits in every car or an apartment.

It is very easy to assemble it and for use. You can profoundly clean it, because it is totally detachable.


SNUDDLY is not only going to make your pet feel more comfortable by smoothly windy space.

You’re going to love it too!
We all know the struggle of drying our pet, after a rainy walk or after a shower, don’t we?
By using heaters, you will be able to dry your pet in a comfortable space. The temperature and the speed of the wind are just perfect for drying your pet.
SNUDDLY will become the best friend of you and your dog!


SNUDDLY won't make your pet only more comfortable, but also safer.

What makes our product different from existing products on the market is that SNUDDLY is made by thoughtful constructors with high-quality materials.

Our high-end travel box offers your dog a comfortable shelter and safety even while driving!

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